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Happy Almost May!

I am sitting here taking a break from practicing to update you on a performance of mine! This piece is VERY personal to me because I had to talk about past and current insecurities. This does not JUST mean from a professional vocalist lens, but from a personal lens as well.

To my family members: not all the information that is talked about is aimed at you or is to personally attack you. I was speaking from my heart and used some hard times in my life to help the piece flourish.

A quote from the composer:

“An introspective view on what goes on in the mind of performers, focusing on the doubts and insecurities before the performance.”

-Kyle Morrow, composer

To me, this piece was about using my past hurdles and I used them to floor my performance. As I have stated in previous posts, singing is very vulnerable. You are yourself and a character at the same time, but sometimes the character you are playing is yourself. This means the separation between the performance and personal identity is not there. For some this can be very scary and hard to process, but for me, I find it inspiring and resourceful. I know what my feelings (past or present) are and can create an authentic representation of my experience. This helps the audience relate to it and (hopefully) makes the performance more captivating.

Much Love and Joy,


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